We deployed KPR officers to secure our Non- local teachers, says Wajir Principal


WAJIR- In the wake of mass exodus of teachers from North Eastern schools, Wajir school heads have come up with ways to protect the Non- locals from Al- Shabab.

Wajir High Secondary School Principal Mr. Adan Kassim has deployed Kenya Police Reservist officers to secure the four Non- local teachers who remained in the school despite pressure from Teachers Service Commission.

The Police Reservist guard the school premises at night.

Wajir high secondary, a national school with an estimate of 841 students has the least number of Non- local teachers in Wajir county. Out of the 37 teachers, 31 are locals.

The Principal said he was perturbed by the recurring enmass of teachers in Northern Kenya and decided to employ locals in the year 2017 through the school board.

“We stopped employing Non- local in 2017 and we are well- off,” Kassim said

The school principal also warned the commission to stop transferring teachers even before their contracts expires, he added that the four Non- local teachers in his school refuse to heed the forceful TSC call saying they are comfortable and their security is guaranteed.

”We deployed KPR officers, they guard the school premises and the teachers quarters, “Kassim added

Mr. Kassim said that whenever their is an exodus of teachers, there are ramifications and at times the students became disoriented , increases the work-loads of the remaining teachers and the deployment of new teachers might not meet the expectations required.

Wajir high school principal believes that training form four leavers who are willing to pursue teaching course is the ultimate solution to the recurring exodus of teachers. He applauded the initiative by Wajir county governor Mohamed Abdi saying that it will end the education crisis in the county.

Mr. Kassim also assured the parents that the process of building of a 500 meter wall, the construction of a borehole by the Northern water service board has began and will soon end the water scarcity in the school.

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