ODM retained the seat, Ruto disclosed the secret


The much hyped Kibra by-election concluded on Friday as Imran Okoth of ODM tops the race.

Kibra by-election has attracted almost all the political bigwigs across the political divide. The DP was seen giving keen interest on Kibra’s by-election, a move which seems in line with 2022 Campaign.

Before the recent concluded by-election , Kenyans believed that Kibra Constituency is sealed for the former prime minister, Raila Odinga, but the result depicted a different thing.

During the campaign, ODM leader Raila Odinga was seen inviting leaders from other political camps for reinforcement in which many Kenyans believe that it was a mild “frustrations”.

Other ODM leaders headed by Junet Mohamed resorted to bashing IEBC day after the other in a move to intimidate the officers in case the table turns. In a video circulating on social media, Simba Arati, the MP for Dagoretti North, was seen bullying his colleagues and even instructing goons to harass other MPs who were supporting Mc Donald Mariga.

Many Kenyans including prominent leaders registered their reactions immediately after a video showing McDonald Mariga, the jubilee candidate, calling Imran Okoth, conceding defeat went viral.

“Either way it is a win for the DP, after all it was a litmus taste,” one user said.

The Deputy President was also seen celebrating after he learnt that Jubilee garnered more votes than the last general election.

“Pongezi Benard Okoth for Kibra. Congrats Mariga, Team Jubilee & supporters for daring the so called ‘bedroom’, braving the chaos/violence, to double our vote from 12%(2017) to 26% now. Our competitors came down 78% (2017) to 52%. They retained the seat we have served notice,” he wrote on his Twitter handle.

“Thank you all our leaders and members for standing firm with Mariga our JUBILEE candidate. We have demonstrated unprecedented resolve in the face of many odds to proudly double our % presence in territory otherwise considered no-go & shaming those who betrayed our leader & party.” He added.

ODM leaders took the celebrations to social media as the war of words continues.

“Jubilee (Tanga Tanga) was just serving notice for 2022. For those kind of jokes and others dial No 2,” Junet wrote on his Twitter handle.

The number of registered voters in Kibra Constituency is 118,658, only 35,000 voters come from the luo tribe and the rest are combination of the other tribes, a clear picture that any Kenyan can vie, campaign and emerge victorious.

ODM retained the seat but Kenyans learnt that Kibra is no longer a stronghold for Raila, it only takes one to be a Kenyan and sell his manifesto.

This is not the first constituency where jubilee tried to swap an ODM stronghold, curtains fall on Former Prime Minister when Nixon korir of Jubilee won Langata Constituency. Raila served as Langata/Kibra MP for 20years.

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