Sugar smugglers in NEP device new tactics to evade police


By: Adan Jelle

WAJIR- The illegal contraband sugar business still thrives in Wajir county, Northern Kenya despite police setting up several new road blocks and conducting patrols to put an end to the illegal trade.

Smugglers seem to be aware of the police tactics and have deviced their own tricks to escape police, the use of Toyota Probox vehicles which are used to smuggle sugar into town.

On 26th , April, 2020, a National Police Reservist officer shoot a driver of a Toyota Probox Reg. No: KCY 836 J which was transporting forty bags of contraband sugar after it tried to forcefully speed off a police checkpoint at Ibrahim Ure area.

Wajir County Police Commander Mr. Thomas Ngeiwa confirmed the incident.

The man is currently nursing gun shoot wounds at Wajir referral hospital.

The Police Commander said that with the help of air surveillance and Police foot patrol team, they manage to drastically reduce cases of contraband sugar smuggling into Wajir town.

The Police boss also added that in the last one month, they have been able to intercept two Toyota Probox vehicles ferrying contraband sugar.

However, the police have encountered challenges of ending the illegal trade since most of the smugglers are locals who are well versed with the terrain and informers who normally give them tip off to abscond police.

Early this month, Police officers from Wajir south sub- county seized 500 bags of contraband sugar at Burdeer location in Wajir south after they were alerted by members of the public.

The Wajir police boss said that smuggling of the contraband sugar and other assorted items is still active in the boarder line that runs across Wajir south constituency.

‘’The boarder is a cut line , it’s porous hence hard to control ” said Mr. Thomas Ngeiwa.

Mr. Thomas has stated that the Multi Agency team are strategically moulding other means of out smarting the illegal smugglers in a bid to defeat them in their own game.

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