Wajir assistant chief defiles a form three student


The assistant chief for Arbaqeyraso location in Wajir is alleged to have defiled a form three student.

Wajir police commander Mr. Thomas Ngeiwa has confirmed the incident.

He said investigations are underway and is waiting for an expert report regarding the matter.

“The officer has since recorded a statement and the files are ready so we are waiting for the expert report,” said Mr. Ngeiwa.

The assistant chief is also alleged to have taken nude videos and images of the girl and disseminated it in different social media platforms.

The matter has since been reported at Wajir police station.

The family have accused the chief of black mailing the innocent lady, they said he threatened to expose her nudes whenever he wanted to advance his sexual desires.

“There is no justice for our daughter who has been raped and to make the matter worse he shared her pictures all over social media and now he is walking free because he works for the government, “said Abdi Maalim.

“He used to send her nude pictures and blackmail her at his convenience and later he shared them through the media and now we ask for justice for our daughter,” added Hafsa Yusuf.

Wajir county women representative Ms. Fatuma Gedi has condemned the incident and assured the family that justice will be served to the victim.

She said she has written to the relevant government agencies to reject any attempt to settle the matter out of court.

“My office has written to the Director of Public Prosecutions and County Commissioner to act quickly and ensure that justice has been served. Because there are talks that the issue has been settled out of Court, I have also written to them to reject any attempt to use Alternative Disputes Resolution mechanisms including the Maslaha,” said Ms Gedi in a statement posted on Facebook.

The case will be heard on 2nd, June, 2020.

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