Tula Tula residents decry two decades of water shortage


WAJIR-More than 3000 families in Tula Tula location,  Eldas constituency are still grappling with an acute shortage of water despite numerous efforts by Wajir county government to dig a borehole.

On Friday, 27,2020, heavy borehole drilling and construction trucks were seen at Mirgo Harun, a location which is 6KM outside Tula Tula town purportedly planning to dig a borehole for the residents.

The residents have been lacking clean and safe water for two decades. They have been majorly relying on water tracking done by Wajir water department.

Some of the residents however believe that the efforts to dig a borehole in the location would be unsuccessful and have termed the actions by Wajir county government and Eldas CDF office officials as “Publicity stunt”.

“They have done hydrological survey for ten times and took our picture’s and posted it on social media but we do not get water?” claims a resident who declined to be named in this article for fear of victimisation.

The residents have for the last public participation conducted in Eldas town stressed on the issue of water scarcity in the area and suggested that the county government looks for other alternative to end the water scarcity.

Local water experts have argued that Water piping from Griftu town will be the ultimate solution to the deadly water crisis in the area.

Professionals hailing from the location also accuse Eldas Member of Parliament Adan Keynan of acting as a stumbling block towards the project in a bid to settle some political scores.

“We are politically punished by our own MP ( Adan Keynan ) and we are aware he is victimising us for voting for our son in the 2017 elections,” said a Youth leader.

Tula Tula residents have wholeheartedly voted for Abdikadir Mohamed who got atleast 1300 votes coming third after Adan Kenyan who won with a landslide of 6000 votes and Ahmed Boray who came second with 4800 votes.

The residents also suspect that the inhabitants (Fardano community) are being oppressed by the MP for constantly claiming their share of resources. it is believed that the community has been sidelined in the award of contracts by Eldas CDF.

‘’90% of our people are not happy on how the resources are shared , we are part or Eldas constituency and we do not get our fair share,’’ added a resident.

Tula Tula location is in the boarder between Eldas and Wajir West constituency.

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