Our county is not prepared for Corona Virus, says Wajir senator


Wajir County Senator Abdullahi Ali Kabreta has downplayed efforts by Wajir county government who he said are not prepared to handle the Global Corona Virus Pandemic.

Taking to his facebook account , the senator said that he is saddened by the inertness of the county and it’s entire leadership saying that health officials urgently need essential medical equipments to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘’The health care personnel are in dire need of health care personnel,isolation areas and beds for isolation and ICU with all supporting equipments including ventilators,’’ said Abdullahi Ali

Senator Abdullahi claimed that the county is busy employing what he described as ‘political appointees ‘ referring the recently advertised positions by Wajir county public service board.

Mr. Abdullahi Ali also urge the county leadership to come out of their hideouts and help the residents during this time of crisis.

The Senator has also challenged Wajir county assembly members to call for a special sitting and pass a supplementary budget to help their electorates.

‘’Let them for once be conscious of the plight of their electorates instead of the interest of the Governor and those associated with him,’’ Added the senator

The County Senator also requested his fellow elected leaders from the region to join him in lobbying the National government to provide food and drugs to the health facilities in battling the deadly virus that has had a huge impact on the economy.

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