Wajir MP: We will not pledge loyalty to Al-Shabaab


WAJIR- A legislature from Wajir says attacks from Somalia based Al-shabaab in his constituency is as a result of the locals refusing to heed the call by the militant group to pay tax.

Wajir East Member of Parliament Rashid Kassim has insisted that locals in his constituency which boarders Somalia have refused to pay tax to the militant group who threatened to disrupt peace and development in the area.

Speaking to journalist in Wajir town, the MP has said that locals will only pay tax to the Kenyan government and not Al-Qaeda affiliate group.

“Wajir east is in Kenya and we pledge loyalty to Kenyan government, any other group that acts otherwise is hogwash and should be considered militia,” the MP said.

The MP has also said the recent infighting between National Police Reservist ( NPR) and Al-shabaab in Kutulo has caused a lot of damage to the militant group, the NPR warriors managed to kill several militants.

“In as much as we have lost 6 officers, they managed to kill 4 Al-shabaab members”, added Mr Kassim.

In a bid to help the families of the fallen NPR officers, the legislature said they will compensate the families of the officers.

‘’We will give Ksh 3 million to the families of our fallen gallant officers and Ksh 2 to those who took part in the fight in order to compensate them since they died in the line of duty,’’ said Wajir East MP

Mr. Kassim has assured the residents of his constituency that they will never bow down to threats from Al-shabaab who are derailing peace and stability in the area urging the locals to work closely with the security apparatus.

‘’We will never be threatened by Al-shabaab, we will use every power at our disposal to fight and defeat them,”

“The security apparatus are your friends , work with them and we will defeat Al-shabaab,’’ said Wajir East MP.

Mr. Kassim has also thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta and CS Interior Fred Matiangi who have helped in setting up a military base in Qarsa, konton and Kutulo locations in Wajir East directing the special forces to device a new strategy of engaging the militants who normally use hit and run tactics.

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