Somali community ranked among the Top 10 list of most populous tribes in Kenya



Kenyan-Somali was listed among the top 10 list of the most populous communities in the country according to additional information released by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) on Friday, February 21.

In the breakdown of 2019 census data, Somali community was listed at position six with a population of 2,780,502 though sources reveal that leaders from NEP region are set to challenge the alleged doctored census results in Court.

Kikuyu community tops the list with a population of 8,148,668 followed by Luhya with 6,823,842 population and Kalenjin community at 6,358,113. Luo and Kamba communities wrap up the first five with populations of 5,066,966 and 4,663,910 respectively.

As BBI taskforce is set to visit Garissa County on Sunday, February 23, North Eastern leaders led by Majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale vowed not to address any other agenda but majorly on what they termed as the doctored census results of 2019.

Other communities in the top 10 list include, the Abagusii, Mijikenda, Meru and Maasai for positions 7, 8,9 and 10 with populations of 2,703,235, 2,488,691, 1,975,869 and 1,189,522 respectively.

Communities with the least population are Dahalo community with 575 people, Konso with 1299 people, Gosha with 685, El Molo with 1104 people among others.

Kenya’s population stands at 47,564,296 people as at 2019 according to national census carried out in August 2019 by KNBS.

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