Any non-Maasais living in Maa-Counties should not vie for elective posts, says Ledama Olekina


Narok Senator Ledama Olekina recieved fierce criticism from Kenyans all over after making remarks in which many termed as dangerous and tribal utterances.

The Senator was at JKL show on Citizen TV when he made the stun utterances that attracted the criticism. Olekina stated that all non Maasais living in Maa-Counties must not vie for elective posts. He added that any Kenyan can live in Maasai dominated Counties but the land and leadership must be preserve for Maasai community.

The Senator also shocked Kenyans when he said that the impending BBI rally in Narok will be specifically for Maasai  community.

“On Saturday only issues affecting the Maa will be discussed I represent all the communities living in Narok but I will not be shy to talk about the plight of the Maasai people,” Said Ledama.

Senator Ledama reiterated that Maasai’s land was taken away by other people and he will not allow further marginalisation to the natives of Maa-Counties.

We are a tribal country it’s just that we don’t accept it. I say things that most people cannot admit but the fact remains. We have been victimized our land has been taken,”  the Senator added.

Senator Olekina’s remarks angered many kenyans including the political class who termed it as message of hatred that will create rift between the communities living in Maasai dominated Counties.

“I don’t agree with what Sen.Ladama said. It has the potential to undermine our peace. Having said that I don’t think he should be charged.Let’s be tolerant. One day this country will have a Malema. What will we do then? Leave Ledama alone if it was Moses Kuria we could charge him” Senate Majority leader Kipchumba wrote on Twitter.

“You are eating your own words. People were watching and you said, “Non-Maasais are welcome in Maasai Counties but should never run for elective positions”. Supposing every community was to say so, what will happen to the likes of @JunetMohamed, Shabbir, @HonMishra, etc.” Wesley Cheruiyot wrote on Twitter.

National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has condemned the remarks made by Narok Senator Ledama Olekina on Wednesday night at JKL show.

“With regards to the statements made on #JKLive yesterday, the matter has come to our attention and we strongly condemn such utterances that may hinder cohesion in the country. We urge Kenyans to maintain peace & continue engaging in the BBI process even as we look into the matter” NCIC wrote on Twitter.

Senator Olekina pointed out that top in their list of proposals to be submitted to the BBI team on Saturday includes the reservation of Maasai land.

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