DP Ruto and his allies support BBI


The Building Bridges Initiative taskforce led by the Chairman, Senator Yissuf Hajji have officially handed over the BBI report to President Kenyatta at the state house on Tuesday.

Contrary to What Kenyans were expecting, Deputy President William Ruto appeared among the leaders present at the state house as the taskforce present the report. Deputy President, William Ruto was among the leaders who were openly opposing the handshake and BBI even before the report reached state house.

Immediately after an alleged BBI report leaked to the public, many leaders especially those who are allied to the DP Ruto and helbent in opposing the BBI before Tuesday rushed to their Twitter handles nodding it as helpful to Kenyans.

On his part, Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen said that he supports the BBI since it reflects the views of jubilee and it dosen’t require referendum.

“I support BBI Report because 1. It’s Presidents own report and largely reflects the views of Jubilee 2.Doesn’t require a referendum we’ll sort in Parliament 3.Subject to further discussion & review 4.contrary to earlier threats doesn’t amount to a Tsunami 5.Doesn’t overburden mwananchi.” Kipchumba wrote on his Twitter.

National Assembly majority leader and Garissa Township lawmaker, Aden Duale also added that all the items captured by the BBI report can be sorted through Constitutional Amendments way of parliamentary initiatives and no need for referendum.

“From the first impression of the BBI report, I have faith that we can sort all of the items proposed therein through Constitutional amendments by way of Parliamentary initiative as contemplated under Article 256.” He tweeted.

Kapseret Mp, Oscar Sudi who is tangatanga point man and staunch supporter of William Ruto have also cleared the air and announced his support to the BBI report

“For the first time I fully agree with the #BBIReport, Unfortunately I have spent the entire evening trying to trace the so called “tsunami” in the said report.” Sudi wrote on his Twitter.

The alleged BBI report proposes the introduction of Prime Minister , the seat of official leader of opposition, renaming of Cabinet Secretaries to Cabinet ministers some of whom will be appointed from the members of parliament among others.

However, the Building Bridges taskforce have asked Kenyans to be patient and reject the fake report circulating in the social media.

“We hope that Kenyans will be patient as we load the real BBI report for release. Please doubt the flood of fake reports circulating. We understand the demand to see it, and look forward to the national conversation it will spark. Beware fakes!” the taskforce wrote on Twitter.

On Wednesday, President Kenyatta is expected to unveil the content of the report to the public at the Bomas of Kenya.

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