Is gender equality and equity all about fighting against Male dominance in the society?


I assume that you are aware of bandits attacking the dwellers of Baringo South? Cattle rustling to be specific.

Women are squandering around, their main priority is to get access to security, shelter, survival, food and water. In short searching for basic necessities for their livelihoods. Sadly they have become squatters in their own land. The pleas have been broadcasted in all the renowned media houses, I am affirmative that 70% of the activists have watched the plight of those women.

They have also witnessed the series of disastrous problems facing that hungry pregnant mother, breastfeeding mothers with malnourished children, the mother who travels for 128KM back and forth in the desert for antenatal clinic, the mothers and children who eat palm weeds as their only available food, and the mothers and children who succumb to hunger.

When the forty-seven women got a chance to challenge their male counterparts in the parliament as women representatives, their primary mandate was to promote interests of women and the girl child, well it’s been seven years now, have they lived up to it? They have the capability to advocate for that poor mother in Turkana, Daadab and all the slums for a better living standards.

Is gender equality and equity all about fighting against male dominance in the society? I thought it entails; helping, educating and eradicating poverty among the women.

Now! listen you who solely champions activism during domestic violence; go to that poverty stricken areas and make an impact on that poor Turkana woman who has not eaten for days, that refugee girl child who is in the verge of giving up, that woman that would not get a chance to be aired, and those one million girls who do not go to school due to lack of sanitary pads. Do not base your activism on one agenda, on one individual to be precise, just to gain fame.

Opinion article by Maryan Hajir.

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