Don’t use BBI to sanitize your loot, Duale warns NEP Governors


Garissa town MP and Majority Leader in the National Asembly Aden Dualle has insisted that he will not take part in the Building Bridges rallies across the country untill President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy decides to attend in person.

“As the Leader of Majority of the Jubilee Party who introduces Government agenda into the house I will attend the BBI rallies if President Uhuru and DP Ruto attend who also double up as our party leaders,” said Duale.

Duale was responding to allegations that he will attend the BBI rally that is expected to take place in Garisaa town tomorrow.

The MP also warned North Eastern governors not to use the Building Bridges initiative rallies to sanitize corruption, looting of public resources and evade accountability.

‘’We as leaders, state and public officers must deliver services to the people as a part of our mandate in areas of water, security, Education, infrastructure, Health, paying pending bills and not use BBI as a reason to a run away from accountability and service delivery,” added the Majority Leader.

According to an EACC report released on November, 2019 , Wajir and Garisaa were listed among the top ten most corrupt counties in the country.

A screenshot of the 2019 EACC report on the most corrupt counties in the country.

The Majority Leader also questioned whether the Buildings bridges initiative discussion can solve the problems facing Northern region, a region that has adversely been affected by drought, mass transfer of teachers and under development urging the leaders to focus on delivering services.

“The people of North Eastern are facing a lot of problems from insecurity, schools being closed down to census issues which the highest level of Government is addressing,” posed Duale.

Duale who publicly supported the parliamentary system of government is adamant that the process has been hijacked by the political class hence creating division and disunity among Kenyans.

The Majority leader is expected to appear before the Building Bridges initiative taskforce to present his views next week.

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