8 NEP MPs arrested at Wilson Airport over secret mission to Somalia


Nairobi, Kenya– Eight Members of Parliament from North Eastern Kenya are set to be questioned over an alleged secret mission to Somalia

Sources revealed that the MPs flew to Somalia on Saturday and came back to Country on Sunday using a private chartered plane.

It had been known by the Kenyan detectives who had ab information that the MP’s were making their way to Somalia, where they were allegedly hosted by the National Somalia Intelligence Agency ( NISA)

Kenyan detectives are set to dissect the case and reveal the reason behind their secret travel amid the tensions regarding diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The lawmakers will also be questioned on the nature of the travel; whether it was private or official, in which case the Speaker of the National Assembly should have been informed.

The presence of police vehicles belonging to different Units including Anti-terror Police were seen around Wilson Airport. The eight MPs are now set to be summoned.

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