Wajir power outage will be restored soon, says Rashid Kassim


Wajir East Member of Parliament Rashid Kassim has assured the residents that the heightened power outage in Wajir which has affected businesses, homes and hotels will be restored within this week.

Addressing journalist during the inspection of the power plant in Wajir town, the MP has said that a team of engineers have been dispatched and are expected to return things to normal.

The MP was accompanied by Kenya Power and Lighting company General Manager and Chief executive officer Eng. Charles Mwaura.

The team were held up in Tanzania after they were restricted to travel back to the country.

“Those officers were somewhere in Senegal when COVID-19 restrictions were imposed and later held up along the Tanzanian boarder,” said Mr Kassim.

The legislature has said that the continuous power outage is caused by urbanization of the town and the high demand of electricity by the consumers since the existing generators also supply electricity to the sub-counties.

“The Wajir power plant serves Griftu, Tarbaj and other neighbouring locations ,” he added

Mr. Kassim has also said that the sustainable way to solve the power outage in Wajir town is the connection of Wajir to the national grid, he said he had a discussion with President Uhuru over the issue who promised to fast track it before the end of his term.

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