Is Farmajo government planning to isolate a somali sub-clan in kenya for supporting Jubaland President?


NAIROBI, Kenya- Rashid Abdi, a somali security analyst and former project manager at the International Crisis Group hinted that the federal government of Somalia  is planning to isolate the Ogadens, a Somali sub-clan in Kenya for supporting Jubaland- President Ahmed Madobe.

The Ogaden sub-clan in Kenya have keenly followed Jubaland elections and supported the re-elections of Ahmed Madoobe, a win that was massively rejected by the federal government in Mogadishu, which has called the process unconstitutional.

On October, 2019, Majority Leader Aden Duale led a team of Kenyan legislators from North Eastern Kenya majorly drawn from the Ogaden sub-clan leadership to Jubaland to witness the inauguration of Ahmed Madoobe, a move that has angered the Federal government of Somalia and deeply worsened the relations of the two countries.

In what is seen as a reprisal act , the FGS is meddling in Kenya by dividing North Eastern clans and isolating Ogadens who are seen as Pro- Madoobe.

Rashid Abdi also believes that the Somali government is grooming other Somali sub-clans in Kenya like Degodia, Garre and Ajuran.

The analyst further urged the Kenyan government to reduce it’s interference in Somalia, rebuild boarder defence and improve relations with Northern Kenya.

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