”Vacate NEP region” Al-shabaab spokesman warned Non-locals


Mogadishu, Somalia – The somali based terrorist group al- shabaab have issued a strong warning to the residents of Northern Kenya.

In an interview with Radio Andalus , Al- shabaab spokesman Ali Mohamud Rage ( Ali Dhere) urged the people of Northern kenya to take part in what he described as ‘’decolonization” of their region.

“On the basis of our Islamic brotherhood and the restoration of the Islamic land , I want to assure you that your brothers ( Al- shabab) will help you regain your land so that you can be free,” Ali Dhere said

Asked why the militia keeps on targeting teachers in NEP region, the spokesman answered saying that he believes the residents of Northern Kenya have the capacity to train their own teachers in order to curb the education crisis in the region.

‘’We are confident that they have the ability and knowledge to employ muslims teachers , doctors and other muslim clerics and there is no need for non- locals,” he added

The Al- shahaab spokesman further warned the residents against trusting the representatives of Wajir, Mandera and Garisaa in the kenyan parliament who constantly debunked the actions of the group terming them as ‘cowards’.

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