Somalia is the mother of feminism courtesy of Queen Arawelo


The quest in finding an adage Somali feminist has bore some fruits. I discovered Arawello and searched for her story from the archive. Who was Arawello? Answers like; a mythical proto-feminist witch, a fictional character who never existed like Ciigal Shidad, Dag-deer( the orgre) came up.

Arawelo was a queen who ruled over Somalia and the first feminist ruler in history, though Somalia wasn’t the name back in the days.
She was the first born among three daughters and an heir to her fathers dynasty thus she became the queen.
Arawello fought for female empowerment and castrated men who championed patriarchy and disobeyed her rule.

Since she was the queen, she wanted a matriarchal society where women ruled the world. She was one of the earliest female leaders in the world, an era when it was rare for women to uphold dignity and rule.

Arawello was a famous figure throughout Africa and the Queen of Sheba who admired and celebrated her, use to send gifts in form of gold coins in a congratulatory form for ruling a kingdom in that century.

Many at times people will criticize Arawello for the castrating of her male prisoners but there was peace and prosperity during her reign. Something that has never been witnessed before under a female leader. Arawello was brave and championed for female empowerment during a reign when patriarchy succeeded the day to day life of people. Arawello was respected by her subordinates for bringing up the essence of gender equity in that era.

In as much Arawello can be a fictious or non-fictious character, her story made an impact on modern day Somali women in fighting for their rights and taking their rightful place in the society.

(by maryan Hajir, Asal Media correspondent.)

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