Kenyatta can’t force us to support BBI, say Mt Kenya leaders


Social media has been awash with an alleged leaked BBI content showing the introduction of regional heads, a super Prime Minister, merging of Counties, scrapping of Women representative position among others.

However, President Kenyatta told Kenyans not to be swayed by the rumours going round and wait the final report.

A clique of Jubilee leaders have so far registered different voices as far as BBI is concerned even before the committee shared the final report with the President.

Tangatanga leaders led by the DP, William Ruto have many times been seen blatantly opposing BBI and handshake as well in what they term as ” Conman’s business”.

Speaking at Dominion Ministries international Church, kiserian , attended by several Leaders including the Deputy President, Rigathi, Mathira Mp said only the attendees of Sagana state lodge meeting can talk about the agendas and what the leaders talked about.

” Your Excellency sisi tulikuwa hapo Sagana, kwangu, mkutana tuliongea kwa lugha ya mama, nimeona huyu mama anaitwa florence wanga akisema tuliambiwa na Kenyatta lazima tuunge BBI, naambia yeye awachane na sisi, hawezi elewa mambo ya kikuyu” Rigathi said.

Rigathi added that President Kenyatta and the people of Mt Kenya are Democrats, there is only consultation and no one can force the other to something he is not willing to support.

“Rais Kenyatta is a Democrat, the Democrat he is alituambia yeye mwenyewe bado soma ,anangojea asome, kwanza alisema akipata atatoa copies tusome alafu tajadiliane. sasa huyo mama anafikiria mambo ya Mt Kenya inafanywa vile wanafanya huko kwa Raila? Huko mambo inafanywa lazima, baba akifanya lazima wafanye, hapa mlima Kenya we are Democrats, maneno ya kulazimisha tumetoka kitambo” Rigathi affirmed.

Other Mt Kenya leaders allied to the DP were also among the speakers at the Dominion Church, they all echoed the same saying that Mt Kenya leaders work on Consultations and not on imposed idea.

The building bridges initiative( BBI) committee led by hajji and Oloo are expected to present the much awaited report to President Kenyatta next week.

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