Five from Somalia test positive for COVID-19 in Wajir


By: Adan Jelle

Five more people have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Wajir bringing the total to 7 in the last 24 hours.

While addressing journalist at county headquarters, Wajir Governor Mr. Mohamed Abdi has confirmed the new cases saying they were intercepted while sneaking back into the country from Somalia on a livestock trade.

The Governor has attributed the rising cases of Covid-19 to the long porous boarder between Kenya and Somalia.

“in the last 24 hours , we tested 9 samples in our regional laboratory,  unfortunately five tested positive,” said Abdi

The county recorded it’s first case on 20, March, 2020.

Somalia has reported an unprecedented surge of COVID-19, in the last two weeks , it’s believed that Mogadisho recorded close to 800 cases.

The County Governor has said that they have managed to trace contacts and quarantine 31 people in different facilities.

Wajir County boss has also urged the security personnel to implement the directives by the county government.

The County has on 30th of April announced a 14-days lockdown in Diif town, closure of Livestock market in Dagahley and the suspension of Out patient services at Wajir Referral Hospital.

On his part, Wajir County Commissioner Mr. Narengo has said that they have adapted a multi-agency strategy and enhanced surveillance at the entry points in order to intercept those who are sneaking into the County.

The county commissioner has encouraged livestock traders who are willing to come to the country to surrender to the nearest health facility so that their health condition is checked.

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