Degodia Supreme leader, Wabar Abdille meets leaders across Horn of Africa for a luncheon


Hundreds of dignitaries from across Horn of Africa and Kenya converged at Crown Plaza, Nairobi to pay special tribute to Degodia Supreme leader Wabar Abdille Wabar Abdi.

Wabar Abdille came to Kenya on Friday 29th, November from Ethiopia on a peace mission. His 21days stay in the country kicked off yesterday where he met with members of the public in a colourful ceremony held at CID training school in Nairobi’s South C area.

On Sunday, Wabar Abdille met with distinguished leaders from across Horn of Africa and Kenya at Crown Plaza, Nairobi. The leaders come together in a bid to welcome the King and pay respect.

Dignitaries present include Amb. Meles Alem of Ethiopia, UNICEF Ambassador to Somalia Amb. Mohammed Affey, Former Kenya Chief of Defense Forces General Mohamud, Somalia Assistant Minister of Finance Mr. Abdullahi , Amb. Yasin Elmi of Djibouti , Leader of Majority in Kenya’s National Assembly Aden Duale among others.

Speaking at Crown Plaza Amb. Meles Alem said that Wabar Abdille is a symbol of unity for Degodia and by extension the Somali Community. He also added that the people of East Africa are just one people but in different nations and that is what cement the good relationship between the two countries.

” Degodia Community or rather Somalis across the border line are one people that is why we always say the people of East Africa are just one people but in different nations and that is what deepens the ties and relationships between the two nations” Said Mr. Alem.

Kenya’s Majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale who also spoke at the function called for unity of the Somali community across the boarders and the unity of all Kenyans saying that we must learn from our Supreme leader and his entourage.

” Today we have gathered here from best of our best, we want to bring unity and peace in the Somali community or rather the pastoral communities living in Kenya and that is what brought our leaders, clerics and our Supreme leader here, let us learn from them” Said Duale.

Respected religious leaders, current and former Governor(s), MPs from all over the Country( Kenya), Senior civil servants, business moguls, youths and Elders were also among the leaders who attended the luncheon.

Some of Wabar Abdille’s entourage who spoke at the luncheon have called for peace and unity among the communities living in the Country saying that united people can build a healthy nation before the King prayed for the attendees and the country at large.

The King is expected to commence his visit to NEP Counties on 6th of December.


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