I haven’t endorsed Raila, Uhuru says


President Uhuru Kenyatta has assured Mt. Kenya leaders that the handshake between him and ODM leader Raila Odinga is not centred around 2022 presidency succession politics, but a move to ensure that peace reigns in the country.

While speaking at the Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri on Friday, when he met leaders from Mt. Kenya region, president Kenyatta said he reached out to Mr. Odinga post-2017 general election to calm the then-heightening tension in the Country.

“Some of you here are still very bitter about what happened. Our work as leaders is to find solutions to issues facing our people. But I never hear some of these leaders speak about these issues. All I hear ni matusi. I wonder when shall we work for our people,” he said.

President Kenyatta has confirmed that he was not offering ODM leader Raila Odinga any position in government but they were united for the sake of peace for the Nation.
“And when I talk to Raila, I never tell him that we are talking so that he can get a big position. I tell him that we are talking because of the peace of this country,” the head of state vented.

On the much debated about Building Bridges Initiative report, President Kenyatta said he is yet to know what the taskforce has recommended in the document, and refuted speculations that he is eying a powerful prime minister post in 2022 are unfounded.

“Being in power means nothing when peace is elusive. And that is why I said I should look for the other man [Raila Odinga] so that we can bring political stability in Kenya,” said President Kenyatta

Also Kenyatta told the leaders to shun succession politics and embrace development matters instead doubting whether he was still firmly a member of the Jubilee Party.
“Election time will come. But have you ever heard me say that I have left my party and gone to another one? Have you ever heard me say that you should select this one and not this one? Why do some people think that they should remind me every morning? Who has asked you?” He asked.

Since his handshake with Opposition chief Raila Odinga March 9th 2018, there has been a rift between President Uhuru and some of the leaders from Mt Kenya backing his deputy. The leaders have accused Uhuru of abandoning Mt. Kenya region for his development agenda. The tension has seen the President cancelled planned meetings in his backyard among them the Muranga prayer rally amid the war of words between the members from the region.

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