Black is beautiful


By Mulki Abass

The world is changing and it is fair enough that we have embraced the change, both positively and negatively. To put it nicely, we are living in a contemporary world with cures to various diseases, technological advances and solutions to many problems.

Then is it fair enough that we have decided to change our colour in this time?

Many girls are bleaching their skins and getting rid of the excess or little melanin they had. In as much as we would ignore this as something not so serious, it is a disaster today, tomorrow and in the future. When the world has put classifications and standards on beauty, it is natural for one to want to fit in, to be seen or known as beautiful.

White has been through the years, the epitome of beauty in most nations and thus ladies are bleaching to fit in, to be accepted by the society for nowadays beauty lies not in the eyes of the beholder, but in the eyes of televisions, fashion magazines and civilized generation.

Everyone loves trendy clothes, challenges and everything that is new to the market. So bleaching has been trending. Celebrities are doing it and actually bragging about how expensive or inexpensive it can get, now why would a local girl not want to do it? We’re human and we fall into temptations, we are bound to love what celebrities portray in the media , so we bleach. To be trendy, to look like my favorite model and my celebrity crush.

It is absurd that someone other than the author Ayi Kwei would say that the beautiful ones are not yet born because beauty has since time been evolving. Today this is beautiful, tomorrow it isn’t. Now if the beautiful ones are not yet born, can’t they just make themselves? And sure they did. They became white and beautiful.

Self doubt and sometimes low self esteem leads to one wanting to change themselves, to be seen fit for something. Girls aren’t confident in their black skins in a world full of light skinned beauties. You always live in fear of being rejected, looked down upon because of your dark color. You can’t sit down and talk about the different shades of foundations and lipsticks because for your black skin, there’s only a few to choose from.

It has never been enough to be a woman. You have to be a strong woman, beautiful woman, short woman and many opinions before woman. This and many other opinions makes a woman want to change how she is. Sometimes to be accepted by a man, to be married and not receive judgements.

Embracing change in a world fast changing is not an issue but are some changes good for us? Bleaching is unhealthy, so “unbeautiful” and one should not look at it as a solution to some of the problems above. It is important we remember that being a woman is enough, being real is more important to the world than being beautiful.

Lastly, black is not only beautiful, it’s a lifestyle. Embrace it.


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