Wajir MCAs vote to close down night club, ban prostitution


Wajir County MCAs have passed a motion on Thursday revoking the operation of bars in Wajir town and banning the illegal sex trade that is of late mushrooming in the town.

The motion, sponsored by Danaba MCA, Hon Ali Noor Issack, makes the selling of liquor, making of illicit brews and prostitution illegal.

This barely comes after Wajir residents led by religious leaders staged demonstrations against illegal sex trade and the selling of illicit brews (chang’a) across the town.

The move made by the members of Wajir County Assembly has raised mixed reactions among the people of Wajir. Muslim clerics led by North Eastern Supkem Regional Coordinator applauded the action by the county lawmakers.

” We are happy with the motion passed by our MCAs, it bans illegal sex trade, sex dens and bars,” said Sheikh Adan.

” Prostitution spread HIV/Aids which is a killer disease,” he added.

In the social sites, many have registered their disapproval towards the motion claiming that the MCAs have neglected their oversight role.

One of the reactions in Facebook reads, “Ngamia club broke no law. Obviously the move by the Assembly is unconstitutional and ultra vires. You can’t punish them just because you disagree with or hate what they do.”

“The house failed to pass other important business that are critical to the people of Wajir county, closure of Ngamia club is not a priority. The club operates under the constitution of Kenya, the members can not wake up one morning and expect a premises that generate revenue shutdown,” added another.

Last month, rowdy Wajir High Schools students stormed the area believed to be the prostitution hub in a bid to clear illegal sex trade out of the County after unconfirmed news revealed that some of Wajir High Schools students have been infected with HIV by the same sex traders who parade along the road leading to the school.

The debate on how to fight drugs and prostitution started way back in Wajir County. Many leaders pointed out the two in almost all the gatherings but actions are yet to be taken. In a meeting organized by NACADA which took place last month in Wajir town, Wajir East Member of Parliament Rashid Kassim and Wajir County Commissioner vowed to fight the vice in the county.

“The County Government have the authority to give out or revoke the licenses, ours is just to enforce the law,” said Lloyford kibara, the county commissioner.

Mr. Kibara also instructed chiefs who were present to report those who make illicit brews in their areas of jurisdiction.

“And you Chiefs, report anyone you see doing illegal business, making chang’a and prostitution,” he further said.

According to Wajir County Assembly, operating bars and engaging in the prostitution business within Wajir County remains illegal. The bar operators are expected to challenge the matter in court.

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