Imran Okoth won fair and square, says Uhuru Kenyatta


President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that the recently concluded Kibra by election was free and fair.

Speaking during the GEMA leaders meeting in Sagana state Lodge , President Uhuru Kenyatta who is the leader of jubilee party demistified the accusations of his closest allies who have said that Kibra by elections was mared with violence and was not conducted in a free and fair exercise.

” Yes , we had a candidate in the Kibra by elections but he lost fairly , let us accept it . Said Uhuru

The president who was speaking in the kikuyu dialect said that he was wowed to learn the exercise was peaceful and did not expect that from Kibra resident who was so long been the ODM stronghold.

” In my entire years , I have never seen peaceful elections conducted in Kibra , I understand there were some leaders who was stoned but did not see any shops burnt or closed ” Kenyatta added

In the meeting, Uhuru also rubbished the claims that Building Bridges initiative (BBI ) was planning to extend his term as a powerful prime minister saying it was too early to discuss the BBI outcome .

” I don’t know the content of the BBI report , I hear people claiming that i want to became the prime minister of Kenya . I don’t have any plan to extend my term or held a leadership position. He reiterated

The President also defended the handshake deal between him and ODM Leader Raila Odinga hinting that he only discussed with him on how to unite kenyans.

” I have not discussed with him (Raila Odinga ) on whether i will support his presidential interest in 2022 or not , our deal was prioritized on how to restore peace in the country ”

The Kibra constituency seat felt vaccant after the death of Ken okoth , the late brother to Imran Okoth who garnered 24,636 with jubilee Mc Donald Mariga coming in second with 11, 230 Votes .

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