Four people abducted by Al- shabab in Wajir


Four people have been reportedly abducted by Somalia’s militia group Al- shabab at Konton location, Wajir East.

The incident occurred at around 10pm Tuesday night between Riba and Khorof – Harar , a place called Welgaras , Wajir Deputy county commissioner Mr.Omar Beja confirmed.

The abducted men were reported to be on a road construction site . Out of the 4 people abducted are 3 locals and a non- local.

Wajir deputy county commissioner Mr. Omar said the militia men managed to cross over the border to Somalia, Unconfirmed report are also saying that one of abducted men escaped and is currently in Wajir town .

Omar said that they have sent a contingent of police officers who are pursuing the abductors.

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