Dagodia Supreme leader, Wabar Abdille is set to visit Kenya for the first time on peace mission


Dagodia king, Wabar Abdille Wabar Abdi is set to visit Kenya on Friday 29th this month, Chair of the welcoming committee said.

Wabar Abdille is coming from Ethiopia for peace mission.

In his 1st week stay in Nairob, Wabar Abdille will be meeting with Senior Government officials, Ethiopia Embassy, businessmen, youth and religious leaders before he embarks on his journey to North-eastern Counties, the committee confirmed.

According to senior officials who are privy to Emperor’s schedule, Wabar Abdille’s visit in Kenya is purely on peace mission.Top in his agendas are unity, peace and cohesion within the Dagodia clan and other communities living in the region.

In a letter shared with the public by the welcoming committee, Wabar Abdille’s programme will commence on 28 November and last on 29th December, 2019. The supreme leader will stay Seven(7) days in Nairobi for state and other meetings, five(5) days with the people of Wajir County and finalize his last week in the country with the communities living in Mandera County.

A delegation made up of elites, elders and youths from Somalia are also expected to jet in the country this week ahead of Wabar Abdille’s visit. The delegation is in a mission to welcome the King alongside their Kenyan counterparts.

Wabar Abdille Wabar Abdi, 78, is a respected elder in the Somali community and the King of Dagodia Clan. According to elders who work with the King, Wabar Abdille hardly engage matters politics. His visit will be the first in Kenya.

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