Causes of Poor National exam results in NEP Counties.


By: Mulki Abass

Every year when National Exams for both primary and secondary schools results are released, the unpleasing last position held by students from North Eastern Province hardly changes. From a region with most legislators coming from the education faculty we’d expect a change  in the results registered by the students through the years but that has not been the case. Poor performance literally became synonymous with NEP Counties.

Many factors have been attributed to the dismal performance  of the students. While some as marginalization by the government, lack of adequate resources which includes libraries, well equipped laboratories and teachers are still problem in the region, we cannot ignore other factors that we believe are major cause of the mass failure of the students in the national examinations.

Parents or guardians play a major role in a child’s education background. It goes without saying that a child’s first teacher is a mother. In most cases in NEP regions, the parents have no or less interest in their child’s education. A parent only takes the responsibility of buying the children necessities and never do a follow up on their performance. This has led to children failing, leaving their parents with no clue about the loopholes. There is also the lack of teacher-parent relationship which means that the child is mostly left to wander through education and the world in general on their own. 

Insecurity has also greatly affected education in Northeastern. From the clan skirmishes to the deadly terror attacks carried out by terror groups which left a number of teachers lost their lives, schools torched and the people displaced. This has resulted to the mass exodus of the non local teachers and instilled fear in the minds of the teachers and the students who opted to battle despite the attacks.

The teacher student ratio in most of the schools in the region is very high. Most of the schools,  the number of students could not keep pace with the number teachers in the schools. This leaves no room for the teacher to focus on the development of individual students.

Owing to this fact, most of the students in a classroom are easily left behind and mostly unprepared for the national examinations compared to other regions where one teacher handles a maximum of forty or less students. The students of such a  schools are very much likely to be prepared for their exams than sixty students who are handled by one teacher.

Poor reading culture also contributes to the recurrent low performance registered by the students. Most of the students have no set down timetable for reading, they only concentrate on their notes and read few days to the exam. 

Overuse of vernacular in schools that leads the students not to have full command in English language adds salt to the injury. Poor target settings, motivation among others.

These and many other factors can be given on account of the depressing results in the region but as they say, where there is a will there’s a way. Change is inevitable, if a solution is not made by the community and the leaders elected from the region to voice the problems faced in their backyards, the results will always be the same.

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