Heavy rainfall caused havoc in northern counties


A heavy rainfall with flash flooding was experienced in many parts of the country especially in counties of Wajir, Mandera and Marsabit.

This follows after the country battled with ravaging drought that claimed the lives of many livestock, while other pastoralists moved to the neighbouring countries of Somalia and Ethiopia .

The flooding has paralysed the transport sector, displaced settlement and carried away multiple livelihoods.The floods have so far claimed the life of a mother after the raging water swept away a mother and her three children, the mother was later confirmed to have died at Buna hospital , Wajir County.

According to the locals, a toyota land cruiser carrying mirra was carried away by the floods between Takaba and Bute town but no casualties was reported.

Wajir county department of disaster management and humanitarian crisis advised the communities living along the seasonal rivers , slope of hills , swampy areas and water ways to move to higher grounds to avoid the effects of the floods .

Following the weatherman’s report of more rains in northern part of the country , the department further warned communities to be on high alert as the floods is expected to increase due to the heavy rains. The areas that might be affected by the heavy downpour include; Wajir north, Eldas and Wajir West.

The department of municipality in collaboration with the town administration is also expected to begin a clean up exercise in Wajir town to mitigate the outbreak of cholera and other related diseases in the county.

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