Everywhere you go, Somalis are one-connected by blood and the spirit of “somalinimo”


Somalinimo, a term meaning Somali Communism is a nametag used among Somalis on social media including twitter to express themselves, their views about Somali excellence, catastrophes, criticism, life experiences and exciting or mundane stories about their encounters. Somalis are known to be living in almost every part of the world where most of them have an in-depth loyalty to their community.

There are so many instances the Somalinimo has been practiced including, not long ago Somalis living in some parts of Somalia were displaced by floods and this was immediately followed by an outcry from organizations. The Somalinimo community on social media especially twitter created a charity account popularly known as “GOFUNDME.ORG” for the Somalis across the world to be able to donate for those affected. The appeal took weeks and thousands of dollars was raised. The unity and empathy shown was apparent.

Somalinimo tag however helped so many other Somalis who were befallen by crisis including raising of hospital bills, criticisms in case of any injustice done to Somalis for example, there was a hashtag in twitter #JUSTICEFORSHUKRIABDI which sought the British government to investigate the death of Shukri Abdi who drowned and to bring the perpetrators of the heinous act to book. There were some of them who changed their names similar to the hashtag in solidarity with the bereaved family whilst passing a message for the same not to reoccur to other Somali children.

Somalinimo also has different sections of online mentorship and support groups like empowerment where the successful Somalis create opportunities for Somali students pursuing the same career, promoting Somali small scale enterprises by marketing for them, writing inspiring stories on how Somalis treat themselves with respect and dignity.

In as much as Somalinimo seeks peace, justice and love for each other, there is one thing that turns them in to social media foes, fumbling with their keyboards and using harsh English terms to objectify their opinions, and this is politics.

When politics is involved, the Somalinimo is forgotten as each Somali sides with their political person who they share the same ancestral clan lineage. They use the sub-unit of their ancestral alienation and subject themselves to online mental torture including online abuse and trolling. Some get personal to each other’s cosmic somalinism and forget the importance of the word Somalinimo more so the principles it has stood for over the years.

However, if Somalinimo is applied in economic activities, social lives, politics and all other aspects of life then Somalis would enjoy the true initial meaning of the term, SOMALINIMO TILL WE DHIMO.

Opinion article by Maryan Hajir

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