Wajir women rep ridicules SUPKEM over their calls for BBI rejection


Wajir women representative Ms Fatuma has ridiculed Kenya Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) over their calls to reform the constitution through the Building bridges initiative.

In a text on Wajir professionals forum, the MP has questioned the credibility of the religious body and it’s leadership.

“What is Supkem? Who do they work for?” read the text.

Netizens took to the comment section to share their thoughts on Gedi’s utterances.

Below are some of the reactions.

“What happened to the basic principle of disagreeing but respecting each others’ views? On the same note, I haven’t heard the Mheshimiwa comment on the Churches voice against the BBI!,” Rage.

“SUPKEM is SUPREME COUNCIL OF KENYA MUSLIMS. They matter in National discourse like this one of BBI. They cannot be ruled out just like that. They are connected to thousands of other Muslims who only respond to their directives,” Siyad Qabyalad Diid

“Honorable Geedi, kindly withdraw such statement. You have no right to subordinate SUPKEM. Even some churches rejected BBI and you kept silent, then why SUPKEM?,” Shiekh Abdiwahab Osman.

“If it has gone to the extent of ridiculing Supkem and asking who they are and what they are working for, it is unfortunate. The history of Supkem and its advocacy for the rights of Muslims in Kenya speaks for itself. They don’t need any recognition from any outfit and the dismissal of any one can’t render it useless. Its place in the annals of history is cemented and its presence is very much regarded by the appreciative millions of Muslims it represents,” Hashim Elmoge.

“SUPKEM represents Muslims and we respect. We can disagree with their stand but in a respectable manner. Those trying to disparage SUPKEM should stop henceforth. RESPECT your religious organization whether you are agree or disagree,” Abdullahi Ali, Wajir senator.

“Supkem is a supreme organization representing the rights of Kenyan Muslims , any one questioning that must be coming from another planet,” Hussein.

“What is in BBI that our Fanay ridicules the existence of Supkem. Does she know what we dont know? Maybe there is another better version of BBI that she knows.. but if it’s what we have seen, we are not BOARDING,” Nasir.

“If it has gone to the point of ridiculing our religious bodies then I GIVE UP !!!,” Siyad Ismail.

“They represent the views of the muslim communities,they are our ears and eyes ,these are the kind of bodies we should wait before the leaders of northeastern takes position and asks what are the Islamic point of view on the document .may be this chance may not come any time soon,” Rashid Kashey, MCA Wagberi ward.

“SUPKEM represents the Views of Muslims and that needs no approval from anyone. Professionals need to engage in Healthy Conversations, like talking of ‘Service Delivery to the Girls and Women in Wajir County’. Not question a Respect body like SUPKEM that was in place even since 2017, When SUPKEM was in place and speaking for Muslims in Kenya, some of us couldn’t even figure out how to run a Canteen in Wajir Town!!!,” Abdullahi Domey.

“Hon Habaryar, demeaning SUPKEM which is older than u coz of BBI is wrong! Perhaps the best approach for any muslim leader to do is to treat this as freedom of democracy and speech.. But not demeaning it to that level,” Osman Idris.

“Supposing they said they support BBI? Will you have raised these questions? Ridiculing Islamic institutions are the behest of political self interest is absurdity gone too far. Pull down these questions and apologize to the Muslims,” Abdikarim.

“The politics of sycophancy has blinded our women rep to the extent of questioning an Islamic institution that has been in existence for decades. Kuna watu walikuwa ODM loyalties before and where are they now???,” Maimuna Said, Nominated MCA, Wajir county.

“I have a lot of respect for our WR but as far as her Supkem stand is concerned, I totally disagree with her.Those supporting her are just misleading her.
Sijataja mtu or watu.” Dayib Ali.





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