Wajir principal introduces ginger and garlic into school menu to fight Covid-19


As other schools in the country implement the coronavirus protocols to curb the spread of the pandemic, a school head in Wajir has invented a new idea, the additional of ginger and garlic into the school menu to boost the immune system of the students.

Wajir high secondary school principal Mr. Adan Kassim has said that the concoction will act as a boosting mechanism.

“Ginger and garlic are a source of vitamins and that is why i decided to introduce it into the school menu,” said Mr. Kassim.

The school head however doubts if the mixture will cure Coronavirus disease.

On August,2020, Foreign affairs PS Macharia Kamau has announced that since the onset of the pandemic, he has been taking the concoction to help him boast his immunity.

The concoction are mostly used as flavours for tea and other beverages.

In as much as the idea is innovative, Mr. Kassim believes that it’s directly empowering the local traders in the county.

“We buy 15 Kgs of the mixture every week ” Mr. Kassim added.

Mr. Kassim has also said that they have also shelved all school activities, banned teachers from leaving the compound and limited the assembly gatherings to one day.

The school has also set aside two classrooms to act as an isolation sector and formed a committee to report any casualties of the novel coronavirus pandemic in the school.

“We have a four bed capacity isolation centre for anyone who develops any symptoms of Coronavirus, “ added Mr. Kassim.



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