Wajir East MP launches water project amid water scarcity in the area


Over 5000 residents of Riba location in Wajir East are set to benefit from a Water and Sanitation project launched by the area Member of Parliament.

Speaking during the launch of the water project, MP Rashid Kassim has said that the project will go along way in ending the water scarcity in the area.

“This project will end years of water scarcity in Riba and it’s environs,” said Mr. Kassim.
He added that the water project will directly benefit close to 100 households.

Rashid has also faulted the county government for politicizing the water project. He urged the county to concentrate on how to address the problems since it requires the efforts of both levels of government.

“The county has spent close to 28 Billion and have not initiated a single project in my constituency,” added Mr. Kassim.

The MP has also hinted that the Water project will also provide enough water to the pastoralist who used to depend on water tracking.

The legislator has requested development partners to support the National government in areas of water and security.

The project was jointly implemented by National Government through the Water Trust Fund and supported by DANIDA.


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