Wajir county engages consultancy firm to undertake verification, validation of pending bills


Wajir County Governor Mohamed Abdi has announced that his administration has embarked on the process of clearing pending bills which he says was the biggest headache of his government.

He said the county has contracted a consultancy firm to conduct a proper verification and validation of pending bills.

Speaking during the flagging of relief food at the county headquarters, the governor said that the team will submit a report for consideration and approval.

“The firm will conclude this exercise within two months from the date of engagement,” said Abdi.

Abdi has also directed the departmental heads to cooperate with the audit team in compiling a honest and a reliable report.

The governor has underlined that the county will only process genuine pending bills.

The county boss has said that this has been necessitated by the outcry of small SMES and other business and the need to follow the directives issued by the President and Cabinet Secretary directives for all public entities to settle pending bills.

“Most of whom have gone out of business as a result of pending bills accumulated from FY 2015-2016 to date,” added Abdi.

Wajir is among the counties that were reluctant to settle pending bills questioning the genuinity of some projects.

Wajir pending bills is estimated to be around 3 Billion.

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