Tribalism and clanism can’t be a substitute for service delivery, Wajir west MP tells ouster Wajir Governor


Wajir west legislature Ahmed Kolosh has warned ousted Governor to desist from anything that will compromise the peaceful co- existence of the residents of Wajir county.

Speaking during a press conference attended by the entire county leadership held in Nairobi, the legislature has warned the former Governor, Mohamed Abdi from casting tribal aspersions saying that it cannot be an excuse for him to claim that he is still in- charge.

“It cannot happen, you cannot hide behind your communities,, President Kenyatta cannot do the same,” said Kolosh.

The MP has maintained that the entire county leadership is united and will rally behind the newly sworn- in third Governor of Wajir county Mr. Ahmed Muktar.

“The leaders you see here belong to different political formations at the National level but are united when it comes to service delivery to the people of Wajir,” added Kolosh.

Kolosh has also said that the former county boss has failed on his duties and did no perform to the expectations of the electorates.

In attendance were: Wajir Governor. Ahmed Ali Muktar, Eldas MP.Adan Keynan, Eldas MP.(Jubilee Joint Secretary), CAS Environment. Mohamed Elmi, Wajir East MP. Rashid Kassim, Wajir South MP. Dr Oomar, Tarbaj MP. Ahmed Bashane, Wajir North MP. Ahmed Abdisalan, Nominated MP. Nasri Sahal, MCAs and other county officials.




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