The purported impeachment is hoax, says Wajir MCAs


A section of Wajir MCAs have faulted the purported impeachment of Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamed terming it as hoax.

Speaking while responding to a notice of impeachment submitted by a group of MCAs, the ward reps have hinted that the motion does not meet the constitutional threshold required by law to impeach a sitting Governor.

“The impeachment motion has been signed by only 15 MCAs, meaning it does not meet the threshold ” said Wagalla ward rep, Mr Abdinoor Ahmed.

This notice comes a day after the County leaders and MCAs resolved to put on hold the motion and forge ahead for the interest of the county.

The MCAs have said that the move is being sponsored by some dark forces whose intention is to cause mayhem in order to advance their 2022 political agenda.

“We know the agent prevecouters of this motion, they are used to cause all manner of problems whenever we are approaching electioneering period,” said Danaba ward rep, Mr. Alinoor Issack.

The MCA’s have also condemned the movers of the motion urging them to stop coercing the administration.

According to Nominated MCA Mr Hussein Mohamed, some of the members pushing the motion have intimidated the administration to pay their companies who have done some moribund projects.

“ It is uncouth to coerce the administration to fulfil all your demands at ago, follow due process for you to be facilitated,” said Mr. Hussein

Mr. Ahmed Ismail, Khorof Harar ward representative has distanced himself from the impeachment motion, he said he did not sign it, accusing the movers of forging his names and signatures.

“My names and signatures were wrongly used and am not party to this kind of impeachment motion,” said Mr. Ahmed.

The MCAs have accused the Governor of corruption and mismanagement of the county resources.

The motion is set to be tabled before the house next week.

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