Wajir religious cleric hits out at MCAs over immaturity, recommends for the election of elders in 2022-polls


A religious cleric based in Wajir has criticised the current County assembly members for displaying alot immaturity in the manner they conduct their business affairs and recommended the election of elders above the age of fourthy (40) in the 2022 polls.

Shiekh Abdiwahab Osman, who is one of the famous local clerics said that the current ward representative sitting in the local legislative house have completely failed on their responsibilities.

The cleric said that the MCA’s were overtaken by greed and want to be millionaires overnight.

“Their mantra is building a white House, marrying a white lady and driving a white car,” said Abdiwahab Osman.

The cleric added that they have become a yes-men of the Executive.

Shiekh Abdiwahab said that the residents of Wajir have in the last 2017- polls made a big mistake by electing such young and inexperienced persons who ended up conspiring with what he termed as “merciless” governors.

The cleric says that responsibilities come along with age and its the right time as a society we follow the Islamic religion in regards to electing the right leaders.

“But I believe that one shows good leadership when He/she is above 40 in age. That is why the Prophets of Allah (sw) got appointed at this age,” added Abdiwahab.

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