Pastrolist Parliamentary Group is not divided, confirms Rashid Kassim


Wajir East MP, Mr. Rashid Kassim has confirmed that the Pastrolist Parliamentary Group (PPG) is united and will wholeheartedly support the Building Bridges Initiative.

Speaking during the launch of a five day mass enrolment of digital driving licence by National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in Wajir Town, the MP has said that the document is addressing the need of the Pastrolist counties and it is the right time all leaders from the region unite and speak with one voice.

“We have been divided for far too long, but this time we should speak with one voice to push for the interest of the Pastrolist counties, “ Mr. Kassim said.

The MP has also said that the Pastrolist Parliamentary Group concerns are the same but hinted that there are few individuals whose interest is to politicize it.

Mr. Kassim has urged all Pastrolist leadership especially those from Northern Kenya to support the initiative.

Wajir East MP has also clarified that the team that met with ODM Leader Raila Odinga were a leadership that were selected and entrusted to push for the recommendations telling off critics to find other avenues of dividing the Pastoralist leaders.

“There are those who wants to divide us but do not have the interest of the pastoral counties at heart,” Wajir East MP added.

Mr. Kassim has also assured that the recommendations submitted by the leadership of the Pastoral Parliamentary Group will be incorporated in the final document.

These are the issues highlighted by the group:

1. Resource Allocation: The proposed amendment on Article 203 (1) of the constitution be DELETED and Article 203 of the constitution be retained as it is stipulated in the 2010 constitution.

2. Representation: Secure and protect the 290 existing constituencies as they are and entrench them in the constitution. On the proposed additional 70 seats – we demand a distribution that guarantees each of the 47 Counties has at least one slot.

3. Health Service Commission: The proposal to create the Health Service Commission undermines the gains made by devolution as Health is a devolved function.

4. Equalisation Fund: Increase the sunset clause and restart the 20 year period for the fund from the date of commencement of the fund disbursement for it to achieve original constitutional intent that aimed to equalize infrastructure of marginalized regions.

5. Senate: Propose Senate as an Upper House. The delegation model of voting must be retained. We reject the proposed deletion of Article 123. Senate to approve all constitutional appointments.

6. Judiciary: Independence of the judiciary is paramount to the protection rights of the people of Kenya. We want the Ombudsman proposal to be removed. Independence of the judiciary must be protected through the operationalisation of the Judiciary Fund.

7. IEBC: The independence of the IEBC as an election arbiter is paramount and must be devoid of political party interference.

8. Discrimination: Funds be set aside for registration of persons and issuance of National Identity Cards and other crucial documents to make sure all pastoralists of age are registered and can access services as any other citizen without discriminatory vetting.

9. Education: Guarantee Access to Education as right for the people of North Eastern and ASALS. TSC has withdrawn ALL teachers from North-Eastern counties and no back to school strategies in place, thus putting the future of our children at risk.

10. Pastoralist livelihood: We want to establishment of Livestock Marketing Authority with the capacity of vessels for exporting live animals to competitive markets.


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