I don’t want stories, release my people unconditionally, Wajir East MP tells State


Wajir East legislature Rashid Kassim has accused the Government of neglecting his plea to either charge or release some of the residents from his constituency allegedly detained unlawfully.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, 13th, 2021, Kassim has said that he is perturbed by a Parliamentary committe report that the State was uninformed about any cases of indefinite detention of persons from Wajir East Constituency.

The MP said that the report tabled by the chairperson of the committee on National Assembly Administration and Security is unconvincing and hence looks like a state sponsored kind of human right violation meted against his people.

“…This issue is an abuse and an upfront to human right,” said Kassim.

The MP has also disclosed that the departed MP Paul Koinange who was the chairperson of the committee on security has made a tremendous effort in making sure that those detained were released.

“The departed chairperson has vehemently and followed this matter routinely, fortunately, 1 out the 8 persons was released and the Government has acknowledged it, “added Kassim.

On February,2021, The legislature seek a statement in Parliament asking the Government to release eight persons who are detained indefinitely.

Those detained were; Jimale Elmi Salat, Salah Mohamed Hassan, Abdi Bishar Omar, Bashir Noor Mohumed, Abdullahi Hussein Elmi, Abdi Jelle Salat, Daud Ahmed Muhumed and Abdi Muhumed Kahin.

There are reports that were missing since they were allegedly picked up from their homes by police officers.

The youths mainly come from the border towns of Wajir bor, Khorof Harar, Konton and Gumurey.

In a heated debate between Rashid Kassim and the chairperson of the committee Peter Mungai, Wajir East MP Kassim has insisted that the information denying that some of his residents are not detention is contrary to the one under his disposal.

Kassim has also rubbished the report tabled  before the house and requested the Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi to intervene so as to end this issue that has for far too long bedevilled his constituents.

The Speaker in support of the legislatures plea has instructed the chairperson of the Committee on Security to invite the Cabinet Secretary to deal with what he described as a Bridge of human right and upfront to the Constitution and shall be accorded with the solemnity it deserves.

The Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi is expected to appear the committee to provide a clear guideline on the recurring cases of indefinite detention of members of his constituents from the bordering locations in Wajir East Constituency.

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