Adan Keynan tells off Tanga Tanga MP over “mileage cartel” utterances


The Eldas Member of Parliament Adan Keynan has told off his counterpart, Kandara MP Alice Wahome over her accusations that some legislatures in the August house pocket hefty mileage allowances.

During a heated debate on Citizen TV, Day break show, Keynan has accused the Kandara lawmaker of making such ‘dishonest’ remarks telling her to desist from diversionary tactics.

“I think it’s not good to lie, and am sure that (mileage allowances) is not the topic of discussion, act with bit of decorum and respect, Keynan interjected.

Keynan has also said that such uncouth behaviours portrayed by her (Alice Wahome) could be the reason why respected lawmakers keep away from sharing the same platform with Tanga tanga allied MPs saying that they are disrespectful and cannot take part in a debate without casting aspersions.

The lawmaker said that salaries and benefits earned by all public servants and state officers including him are being regulated by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) and does not concern the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Without divulging into details, Keynan hinted that the commission might consider the distance of the constituency from the Parliament precinct when giving out mileage allowances.

“I come from Eldas, the furthest corner almost 1600kms from the city centre and she (Alice Wahome) comes from a constituency which is just  30kms away,” Added Keynan.

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