1.2m hectares of land destroyed by locusts, says Wajir county official


Wajir county Government has announced that a large swaths of land has been greatly devastated by the recent swarms of desert locusts that have invaded the county.

The ravenous pests was first sighted in Wajir on December, 2019.

According to Mr. Hassan Mohamed, the County Director of Livestock, the locusts have destroyed an estimated 1.2m hectares of farmland and crops.

Mr. Hassan is also the county desert locust liaison officer.

He added that 107 swarms have so far invaded the county, they managed to successfully spray 50.

During the crisis, the departmental heads said that the county with the assistance of World Food Programme coordinated an emergency responses programme in order to contain the insects that have wreaked havoc in the county.

“We hired four aircrafts to conduct aerial spraying and surveillance, “said Hassan Mohamed.

The Director has also said that the county has now been recognised as the leading interms of locust control.

“ Wajir is now free from locust, the last time we experienced locust invasion was 15,February, 2020,” added Mr. Hassan Mohamed.

The department has so far identified eleven wards in the county which were severely hit by the locust invasion.

The farmers will be compensated by the Department under the emergency locust response projects which is expected to continue in the next three years.


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